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A Quick Guide to Heat Illness

Spring is almost over and we get to welcome one of our favorite seasons: summer. But it does not have to be summer to experience the agonizing and tantalizing pain of the sun’s heat.

In this blog, Better Living Home Healthcare explores heat with you as we discuss heat illness. And that is not the only treat we will be giving you. As a Skilled Nursing Care, we will also introduce to you different heat-related diseases.

HEAT ILLNESS is also called heat-related illness. By its name, you could already tell that it involves a variety of disorders that is caused by the environmental heat. This is inclusive of conditions such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat syncope. While the mentioned conditions may be mild, some may risk themselves of having a severe condition called heat stroke.

What are these heat illnesses? There are a number of heat illnesses. Such of which are the following:

  1. Heat cramps

    Is there such a thing? But aren’t camps just muscle-related? There are times when these cramps are caused by the heat. And yes, this is indeed a thing. Athletes and other physically active individuals experience this when they exercise heavily. Add a hot environment into the formula and you can get heat cramps.

  2. Heat edema

    Heat can also harm our skin. And no, we are not simply talking about obtaining sunburn and all that. We are referring to heat edema.

    Heat edema can be referred to as a “cutaneous condition.” It simply means that it affects the surface of the skin. The heat dilates the patient’s blood vessels so the bodily fluid pools into the hands or legs due to gravity.

  3. Heat exhaustion

    The heat can be intense, which could lead to heat exhaustion. In most cases, this condition can be the cause of heatstroke. Some of the signs of symptoms include:

    • Sweating heavily
    • Breathing rapidly
    • Having a fast yet weak pulse
  4. Heat rash

    The heat edema is not the only skin-related disease caused by warm temperatures. It can also trigger heat rash. This can result from excessive sweating, which can then cause skin irritation.

  5. Heat stroke

    If a person has a body temperature going up to 40 degrees Celsius, we should be wary. Because of the lack of thermoregulation and the overexposure to the environmental heat, our body can succumb to this condition.

How can we prevent such illnesses from happening? We had a thorough discussion about it in our blog entitled “3 Ways to Prevent Heat Illnesses.” Read it at http://betterlivinghh.com/2017/04/12/3-ways-to-prevent-heat-illness/.

As a provider of Healthcare Services in PA, it is our role to fill you in with the latest news all about health. We do not just limit what we do to our Home Healthcare Services. We also want everyone to be well-informed.

Do not let the heat knock you off your feet. Visit www.betterlivinghh.com.

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