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After going through a surgery or a hospitalization, your physician might recommend you to get skilled nursing services. Skilled nursing services provide you with an added security, promoting trust in your care plan. If you have a care plan, it’s good to coordinate it with your health care providers, such as your physician, for better advice and planning.

Better Living Home Healthcare provides you with Skilled Nursing Care and other Healthcare Services in PA that help improve your current condition.

Our nurses are highly trained and experienced, giving you the sufficient aid to recovery, health maintenance, and improvement. Skilled nurses assist you with the following to help you improve your overall wellness:

  1. Medication reminders can sometimes be essential, especially when we can’t rely on our memory or we forget to set a reminder for ourselves. One of the jobs of a skilled nurse is to help administer your medication and ensure that you are given your medication on time, at the right dosage as prescribed by your physician.
  2. Skilled nurses can administer IV therapy and other forms of medication needs your physician gives you.
  3. Skilled nurses also help maintain personal care such as your hygienic needs. The training of a skilled nurse encompasses the fields of both medical and non-medical care essential in the improvement of your well-being.
  4. Pain management is also something your skilled nurse can help you with, for you to regain comfort and feel pain-free.
  5. After surgery, skilled nursing can be essential due to post anaesthetic effects, such as drowsiness, that might just cause accidents.
  6. Fall prevention and management can also be helped through the services of a skilled nurse.

Skilled nurses can do a lot more, and we see to it that our skilled nurses give you the best possible service and experience possible. We want to help you heal, maintain, and improve your overall health. We aim to see you get back up and do the best you can in life.

For our services, you can visit us at or call us at (267) 354-5205 for more information.

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